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  • York University Keele Campus room # TBD 4700 Keele Street Toronto, ON, M3J Canada (map)

Bread is undoubtedly the Italian staple food and a key component of the Mediterranean diet. From the discovery of leavening to the countless Italian regional variations, bread has always been considered much more than mere food. Besides its philosophical and religious meaning, bread has been a symbol of hierarchy in the society and often determined the alternation of periods of tranquillity to others of social unrest. What’s behind bread? Is bread good or bad for our health? During the lecture you will learn about some general misconceptions related to bread and how to choose and consume it...the Italian way. The lecture will be followed by the tasting of few different Italian breads, together with Gaia’sExtra Virgin Olive Oil.

Main topics

Brief history of bread

What is bread?

Italian breads: a celebration of regional identities

Bread pairings and cooking with bread