Frittata di carciofi- Artichoke frittata

6 medium artichokes- choose the most firm
3 eggs
6 tbsp of Extra virgin olive oil
white flour
Salt and pepper

Wash the artichokes and “strip them naked”: 1.pull out and discard outer leaves until you get to the central soft leaves 2.cut out the top 3.cut in halves 4.wash them in a bowl of water with lemon to prevent them becoming black. This is very important because if you keep too much of the outer leaves the result will be a tough and bitter consistence and flavour!

Toss artichokes in flour shaking off the extra.
In a large non-stick pan pour all the generous amount of olive oil (don’t be shy or the frittata will be dry), warm at medium heat and sauté the artichokes until very tender, flipping them a couple of times to get both top and bottom cooked in oil. Discard part of the oil by covering the pan with a lid and pouring out the oil (that can be used again in soups or pasta sauces).
Beat eggs well, add 1 tsp of salt and pepper to taste.

Pour eggs into the pan at medium heat, using a fork to lift the artichokes until egg is fully cooked on top: you can also use the lid for a minute or two so the top gets well cooked. As a family signature, we don’t flip frittatas but use large pans so they remain thin and light.

Enjoy this delicious Tuscan frittata with a piece of artisanal bread and a glass of firm white wine!