Pane, olio e pomodoro

This is an all time favourite kids’ afternoon snack, or merenda (I literally grew up on this)- so quick and comforting, it doesn’t get easier than this.
It is not bruschetta even if it uses pretty much the same ingredients. Just get the most ripe tomatoes, my spicy Extra Virgin will do the rest! 

- artisanal crusty bread, cut and toasted (in Canada I use ciabatta bread because of the crispy and thick crust)

- very ripe tomatoes 

- salt, pepper to taste

- extra virgin olive oil


Cut and lightly toast the bread lengthwise so you have a good crusty base.

Cut the tomatoes in half and brush them on bread until it’s pink so they release their ripe and flavourful juice.

Add salt, pepper to taste and generous amount of extra virgin- wait a minute until bread is well soaked and eat it right away! 

 Tip: if you have friends over, use a multigrain baguette cut in two halves lengthwise and prepare the pane with pomodoro but add oil and cut it into pieces on a long wooden board once you get to the table- a nice way of sharing bread!