Pasta all'isolana- Pasta "island style"

peperoni capperi e olive.jpg

A summer favorite which I often cook when at the seaside- an easy recipe filled with Mediterranean flavors which can be enjoyed hot or cold.

4 servings

3 medium peppers- red, yellow and orange
3 medium shallots
sun dried black olives- a handful
capers- 2 tbsp
Gaia's oil- both for cooking and drizzling
fresh basil
tomato passata (I prefer the one in glass bottles)- 2 cups minimum
grated Parmigiano- to taste

1. Saute' finely sliced shallots in olive oil until soft
2. Cut peppers in 1/4' thin long strips and add to shallots with a pinch of salt; cook at medium heat for 5 minutes
3. Add tomato sauce, black olives and capers (rinse capers beforehand to remove excess salt and/or vinegar)
4. adjust salt and cook until peppers are soft (add a hot water, 1/2 cup at a time if needed)
5. turn off stove, add few basil leaves (roughly break them with your hands)
6. drizzle olive oil

Add Parmigiano if served hot right away or prepare it in advance and eat it at room temperature (in this case I recommend no Parmigiano but drizzle a little more olive oil so pasta doesn't dry out)