Zuppa ceci e zucca- squash and chickpea soup


This autumn soup uses some of my favorite ingredients and herbs- chickpeas and squash give a creamy, earty texture while the sweetness of the squash is balanced by bay leaves and juniper berries- yum!

Couple of notes: you can mix different types on pumpkins according on what’s in season - and how easy they are to peel :)

I use canned chickpeas to save time but you can definitely use dried ones, just soak them overnight and cook them almost completely before adding them to the rest of the ingredients.

You can also do a creamy version of this soup by simply pureeing the soup with an immersion blender.

6-8 servings

Squash to clean 600 g
 2 carrots diced
1 celery stalk chopped  
Drained chickpeas 400 g    
Swiss chard 100 g     
Golden onions 100 g     
Juniper berries 3 berries     
Bay leaves 2 leaves    
Water 1.5 l     
Extra virgin olive oil q.b.     
Salt up to q.b.     
Black pepper q.b.
4-6 slices of grilled artisanal, rustic bread grilled (optional)

- First clean the onion and slice it thinly.
- Take care now to clean the pumpkin: cut it in half, then empty it of the inner seeds and remove the skin: you will need about 430 g of clean pumpkin.
- Cut the pulp first into 4 slices and then into small cubes.
- Wash the swiss chard and cut it into thin strips.
- Pour the olive oil into a saucepan, then add the sliced onion, juniper berries and bay leaves.
- Simmer until the onion is soft. At this point add the pumpkin, celery and carrot, brown them over medium heat and then add a little water taken from the total amount.
- Add the chickpeas, swiss chard, salt, pepper and the rest of the water.
- Cover with a lid and cook over high heat for 15 minutes.
- After the 15 minutes, remove the lid and continue cooking for another 15 minutes.
- Remove the laurel leaves and the juniper berries.
- Serve your soup with a drizzle of olive oil, a grind of black pepper and grilled bread.

Buon appetito!